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Monday, July 13, 2009

Irishman: The Movie

Just finished editing Rick Porrello's original book, To Kill the Irishman: The War that Crippled the Mafia. Why did the book need editing? Well, the movie The Irishman, based on Rick's book, is wrapping up production as I write this. Simon & Schuster just made a deal with Rick to re-release the book with the new title The Irishman. [pictured l. to r.: Author and executive producer Rick Porrello, Ray Stevenson as the Irishman, and Peter Miller Rick's manager and also executive producer.]

The lead role of Danny Green (the Irishman), is portrayed by one of my favorite actors Ray Stevenson. If you haven't already caught this amazing Irish actor on the screen, believe me, you're missing something extraordinary.

Folks in the know say Stevenson is on the brink of stardom. Among his numerous film/TV credits, the role that put Stevenson on the radar is probably that of Titus Pullo in the highly acclaimed British mini-series Rome and more recently in the title role in Punisher: War Zone. Stevenson stars in The Book of Eli with Denzel Washington slated for release next January 2010. Read more about Ray Stevenson, including stills from the Irishman, at

By the way, check out how closely Stevenson resembles the real Danny Greene pictured above right. Danny Greene was a tough Irish thug working to oust Cleveland mobsters during the 1970's. The Clevend mob seems to have had a penchant for blowing people up who got in their way. [Still photo at right of car bombing from the movie The Irishman.] Eventually, they blew up Greene's car with him in it.

Check out this site for more news about Code Entertainment's movie, The Irishman:
Only wish I could have been on set during the film shoot. Rick says it was impossible to describe. But eveyone rolled out the red carpet for Rick and Peter.

Be sure to check back here for The Irishman's release date. In the meantime, snag yourself a copy of the book. The book's photos from Rick's personal archives alone are worth the cover price. You can purchase the book on Rick's Web site: or at Amazon.

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DaveO said...

Cheers for spreading the story of The Irishman movie.

Thought you might like to know that has now published a batch of fresh videos, stills and news from the set including a great candid interview with Christopher Walken discussing his inspirations for the role and how "he is a lousy impressionist".

There are also interviews with Ray Stevenson, and Vincent D'Onofrio plus Val Kilmer coming soon.

In the actors' interviews, Walken, Stevenson and D'Onofrio discuss how they got to know their real-life counterparts from the true story which show they are seeking to make an interesting movie rather than a historical reenactment.

If you are interested, here are all the videos and stills from the set of The Irishman.

Please feel free to share with your audience if you find any of the clips interesting.

mobwriter said...

Thanks for the useful info re The Irishman. I'll check it out.



P.S. Are you connected with the movie?

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mobwriter said...

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mobwriter said...

James, I tried all the links in the article and they work for me. Sorry you're having trouble. Not sure what the problem is or how to fix it. Anyone?

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