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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Crime Beat Radio: Latest mob stories and more

Hailing all true crime afficianados:
John Gotti, Sr. & son

November, 2011— CRIME BEAT: ISSUES, CONTROVERSIES AND PERSONALITIES FROM THE DARKSIDE on Artist First World Radio Network is pleased to announce its forthcoming schedule for November 10, 2011, through January 5, 2012.:Topics covered include hit men, a sensational Canadian murder investigation, Mafia lessons for legitimate business, the JFK Assassination, manhunts, and more.

Here is the lineup:
November 10—David Gibb, investigative journalist and author of Camouflaged Killer, the shocking double life of Canadian Air Force colonel Russell Williams. Read more..
November 17—John Douglass, author of JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters. Read more..
November 24—Rick Porrello, author of To Kill an Irishman, which has recently been made into the Hollywood movie, Kill an Irishman. A command appearance. Read more..
December 1—Benjamin Runkle, Author of Wanted Dead or Alive: Manhunts from Geronimo to Bin Laden. Read more..
December 8—Larry Mazza, Tommy Dades and Bob Mladnich discuss the Colombo Mafia war of the early 1990s...Dades was a detective during that period and Larry Mazza, a hitman. Mladinich is writing a book on the topic. Read more..
December 15—Anthony Amore and Tom Mashberg authors of Stealing Rembrandts: The Untold Stories of Notorious Art Heists, and Eric Rasmussen, author of The Shakespeare Thefts: In Search of the First Folios. Read more..
December 22— Lou Ferrante, author of Mob Rules: What the Mafia Can Teach the Legitimate Businessman. Read more..
December 29— Tim Donaghy, former NBA referee and author of Personal Foul, a book about the gambling scandal that rocked the NBA. A command appearance. Read more..
January 5— Wahida Clark, best-selling urban fiction author and entrepreneur who honed her writing skills behind bars. A command appearance. Read more..

Crime Beat is a weekly hour-long radio program and airs every Thursday from 9 and 10 EST. Beginning with the May 5 program the show moves to the 8pm-9pm EST time slot on the Artist First World radio Network. Crime Beat presents fascinating topics that bring listeners closer to the dynamic underbelly of the world of crime. Guests have included ex-mobsters, undercover law enforcement agents, sports officials, informants, prisoners, drug dealers and investigative journalists, who have provided insights and fresh information about the world’s most fascinating subject: crime.

Crime Beat has been on the air since January 28 of this year and is currently averaging 100,000 listeners plus each week, and the figure is growing... Crime Beat is hosted by award-winning crime writer and documentary producer Ron Chepesiuk ( and broadcast journalist and freelance writer Will Hryb.

"Your radio format is great,” write Mark Christopoulus of northern California.

“Crime Beat is over the top, gentlemen! The show is on late in the afternoon out here, and me and my buddies from work get a chance to listen to it over a beer at our favorite watering hole before heading home."

Ivo DeLorenzi of Thunder Bay, Canada, writes: "I love your show... you guys manage to get top-calibre guests every week ... fascinating and remarkable, all rolled into one".
For more information or to listen to the archives of Crime Beat, go to the Artist First Worldwide Radio Network at
To contact the Crime Beat radio program for interviews, e-mail or call 803-366-5440.

P.S. Check out Mob Writer's controversial interview on Crime Beat Radio Then click on "authors-first" (left side of screen) and scroll down to the "Rs." Click on Cherie Rohn.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Italian mafia boss found in bunker

Michele Zagaria 
Mr Zagaria had been living in hiding since the 1990s.

Italian police say they have discovered the notorious chief of a Naples mafia clan, Michele Zagaria, who has been on the run for 16 years.

Police said they had found him after digging through a secret bunker in his home town of Casapesenna near Naples.

Described as head of the powerful Casalesi clan, he was sentenced to multiple life sentences in absentia.

The Casalesi clan has been involved in drug trafficking and corruption in the construction industry.

There was jubilation among the security forces who finally managed to detain Mr Zagaria, the BBC's Alan Johnston in Rome reports.

"You won. The state has won," Mr Zagaria told anti-mafia investigators as he was being arrested, according to the AFP news agency.

Italian Interior Minister Anna Maria Cancellieri hailed the arrest as "a huge success by the state", adding that it would be a blow "not only against the Casalesi clan, but against the entire Camorra organisation."
'Near home'
Map of Italy

The Casalesi clan is one of a number of groups within the Camorra criminal network, which dominates the underworld in the Naples area.

Mr Zagaria had probably spent his years as a fugitive near home because mafia bosses "can only exercise their power if they're in an environment that protects them," anti-mafia prosecutor Piero Grasso told the AP news agency.

Mr Zagaria is thought to be the most senior figure in the Camorra who was still at large.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Back from a lengthy mystery trip

Sorry about the long silence. If I told you about my research trip, I'd have to kill you...

Look for a new posting SOON.

Yours truly