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THIEF! character, Vince Eli

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Marilyn Monroe: Death by Murder

Mob Speak reveals its final take on MM's notorious death.

To recap: William "Slick" Hanner (now deceased) whose book Thief I wrote, had a close boyhood friend, Leroy Smolen (also deceased.) Leroy worked with a guy M_____ for many years after meeting M_____ in the joint. Leroy was a completely standup guy, never one to bullshit. In Slick's words, "M____ put Leroy in charge of the mobrun whorehouses on Manheim Road once they got out. Funny thing about Leroy, he wasn't the smartest guy in the world but he knew how to keep his mouth shut."

After years of pulling jobs together, M____ told Leroy about his role in Marilyn Monroe's murder which Leroy passed on to Slick. This happened long before Sam and Chuck Giancana's book Double Cross hit the stands. The book described the doping of Marilyn, etc. in much detail, which accurately duplicated M____'s account...that several of Sam Giancanna's hitmen killed the sexy star because she was getting ready to make public info about the mob and JFK and RFK, both of whom she had affairs.

Slick met M____ on several occasions that are mentioned in Thief on pages 65 and 244. The later alludes to the murder of Marilyn.

Of the volumes written on the topic, our extensive research brought up some pretty fantastic theories about MM's death. Along with the book Double Cross, the 2 sites below corroborate Slick's info that Leroy passed on to him:

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