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THIEF! character, Vince Eli

Thursday, February 4, 2016

No doubt about it...

...This blog, MOB SPEAK, is officially washed up. Kaput. Lights out. Morto. Repeated attempts at resuscitation have yielded zip.

For more than a year we've battled an unknown assailant (s) hellbent on disrupting MOB SPEAK. Why us? We ain't that important.

The computer from which MOB SPEAK originates operates normally. Regular deep scans show it free of invading pests. But some rat regularly blocks MOB SPEAK posts and our administration's access to the site, plus a lot more BS. Attempts to post on MOB SPEAK using other laptops and tablets have also failed.

Our computer gurus have thrown up their collective hands as to those responsible for the corruption and how they operate. Ouside experts are equally stymied. That's why you've seen almost no new MOB SPEAK posts.

Well, we may have lost the battle for now, but not the war. And when we catch who done it, they better have eyes in the back of their heads. Trunk music might be too good for them.

MOB SPEAK will make a comeback.