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THIEF! character, Vince Eli

Monday, June 18, 2007

Surprise! A new post...

So much happening these days it's hard to find blogging time.

I have a poker tip directly from Slick who says,
"This common poker tip actually does beginning players more harm than good:

Many experts advise opening with at least a face card and a ten or something similar. Damon Runyon once observed that the race doesn't always go to the fastest horse. But that's the best way to bet because the odds are in favor of the fastest horse winning.

In other words, 2 aces won't always win, but those are the favorite odds. In my experience, 2 aces are the best openers and that's the combination I wait for...even better if you're behind the button as you get to see all the other bets before making your decision. Playing tournaments calls for differents actions which I'll talk about in the next tip.

You experienced card players who have a lot of games under your belt probably have your own way of dealing with this question, but that comes after many years of learning through mistakes--both yours and the other guy's.

If you're a new player, when in doubt...wait for the best odds. Being called "a rock" is better than going home with lint in your pockets!"

In other news:

The Chicago Outfit trial is geering up to begin tomorrow. Look for regular updates here on Mobspeak and also news about Slick's upcoming live appearance on the Geroge Knapp Show.