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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

You'll be surprised what casino surveillance sees!

This is one of those rare times I'm recommending a book to our readers. Regardless of whether you're a blackjack player, this book is so entertaining and contains so much fun if not fascinating material about insider casino info, I couldn't put it down.

Actually, I'm using it as a reference for the book I'm writing about BJ card counting. The book's a new take on the completely legal act of counting cards. The subject of my book (an interesting guy whose name I won't reveal) suggested I pick up Cellini's The Card Counter's Guide to Casino Surveillance, published by Huntington Press. Sounds dull, huh? Wrong!

A few neat facts from Cellini's book:
  • No one is ever pronounced dead in a casino; it's an unwritten rule that CPR is performed until the body is off the property

  • Many surveillance personnel go to other casinos to count cards (perfectly legal) on their days off

  • It's impossible for floor people to watch and protect even one game let alone 4 or more games simultanelusly

  • Most slot players believe 98% payback is a good thing, not the negative deal it really is

  • Most casinos have direct Internet links with Central Credit, an agency that can run a credit check on your casino credit history without your approval

Be sure to read the section on the 21 tells of a card counter. Next time you're near the BJ pit, see if you spot any of these giveaways.

I had better stop there so you can pick up a copy. A good bet is to try the Gambler's Book Shop at 630 South 11th St. in Las Vegas. There's not much owner Howard Schwartz doesn't know about gambling-related subjects and much much more. Here's their Web site:

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