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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Capone Wrote These Lyrics???

OK...The guy was maybe smart in a lot of ways, but did he have a vocabulary that includes the words "betide" and "charm that reposes"? Did he in fact write these lyrics during his stint in Alcatraz?

Apparently, a song titled "Madonna Mia" is up for sale for $65,000. It was allegedly written by none other than Al Capone and presented to a Vincent Casey who visited Capone in jail. You be the judge:

"In a quaint Italian garden
While the stars were all aglow
Once I hear a lover singing
To the one that he loved so
In that quaint Italian garden
Neath the starry sky above
Every night he'd serenade her
With his tender song of love

Madonna mia
You're the bloom of the roses
You're the charm that repose
In the heart of a song

Madonna mia
With your true love to guide me
Let whatever betide me
I will never go wrong

There's only one moon above
One golden sun
There's only one that I love
You are the one

Madonna mia
This I vow here before you
Till the end I'll adore you
Madonna mia

Once again I see that garden
Many years have hurried by
I can see that sweet Madonna
There's a teardrop in her eye

For her soldier has departed
Left his loved one with a sigh
She said, 'I will wait forever'
As he sang this last goodbye.

Madonna mia..."

If Alphonse Capone did write such lyrics, who was he describing? Was it his wife, Mae? His mother? A girlfriend? The mother of God?

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