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THIEF! character, Vince Eli

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Slick, Forty-year Las Vegas Resident, Answers Questions

Here are some answers to questions people ask Slick, a 40-year resident of Las Vegas:

Q. Knowing what you know, if you visited Las Vegas for the first time, where would you stay?
A. If you paid: The Venetian (pictured at right.) If I paid: The Stratosphere.

Q. If I needed a good Las Vegas lawyer, who do you recommend?
A. Thomas F. Pitaro (Tommy) who represented some the toughest cases...and won.

Q. Best time of year to visit Las Vegas?
A. October or November. (NEVER July or August.)

Q. Loosest poker games?
A. In my opinion, the Stratosphere.

Q. Best all around show?
A. Danny Ganes

Q. Best buffet for the price?
A. Palace Station

Q. Where do you get the most jackpots?
A. Any of the Station casinos


Lisa Jenae said...

Hey, I heard a member of the mob moved to Cedar City, Utah and raised a son and a few businesses there. Is that true?

mobwriter said...

You could well be correct, but I don't know the answer. Does anyone out there know about a mobster moving to Cedar City, Utah?