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THIEF! character, Vince Eli

Thursday, January 4, 2007

For serious gamblers...

Slick and I were discussing all the weird gamblers he's noticed during his 40+ years spent working legit jobs and playing poker in casinos. He said, "The best way to gamble if you’re serious about increasing your odds is to watch how others are betting, keep your mouth shut and leave the table when you’re on a losing streak."

And when I was a blackjack and roulette dealer and poker room floor supervisor, I watched plenty of folks throw good money after bad...keep betting til they bust.

We can’t emphasize enough that casinos make their money by

a. capitalizing on their sizable house advantage
b. keeping you at a table long enough for the house advantage to kick in

So hit and run. Grab your winnings and head for the nearest exit. Fight the natural greedy inclination to sit there hoping for more.

May the dice roll your way, all your cards come up winners and your chips multiply!

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