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THIEF! character, Vince Eli

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mob Speak: Two New Books and a First-Rate Website

 Tony Montana - Houdini Publishing

Tony Montana the man is the real thing. He has lived in Las Vegas for 45 years and is one of the Outfit's most "under-the-radar" hidden treasures, running with the best of the best Chicago Outfit members.

Tony Montana is known as the silent strength, participating in his role without the customary fanfare and notoriety. He laid low for all the other wise guys in the Chicago Outfit. From 15 years of age, he worked for Sam Giancana, Fat Leonard Caifano, Jimmy Allegretti, Joe DiVarco, Joe the Jap -- Eto, Milwaukee Phil, FiFi Buccieri and Tony Spilotro.

The Outfit kept Tony very close to the vest and protected Tony so he could operate in the business world for them. Tony was untarnished and could do their bidding. He is talented and could operate a company as good, if not better, than a business school graduate. Tony has a new book coming out this fall (2013) aptly titled Tony Montana and is working on a documentary. Stay tuned.

(Tony Montana introduced Slick Hanner and me to his good friend Ed Becker who became the literary agent for our book, THIEF-The Gutsy,True Story of an Ex-Con Artist. Committed to selling the book, Tony drove Slick to uncountable book signings and helped promote THIEF through his many important contacts. Knowing how Tony operates, his own story is bound to be a barn burner.)

Gangsters, Inc. is a first-rate Website featuring an array of topics such as the American Mafia, Russian Mafia, Italian & Sicilian Mafias, drug cartels, bikers and much more.
Joe Valachi

Here's a sampling:

Ronald Fino's The Triangle Exit

As the son of a capo in the Buffalo crime family, Fino effectively grew up in the mob. He joined the corrupt Laborers’ Local 210, controlled by Buffalo boss Stefano Magaddino, he found that the power did not lie with the union, but powerful members of the Buffalo Mafia. That realization set in motion Fino’s dangerous decision to become a contract employee for the FBI.
The Triangle Exit is a first-hand story of one of America’s most interesting covert FBI operatives. From infiltrating corrupt labor unions to Russian Mafia and international arms smuggling. This story will surely fascinate anyone interested in international politics, espionage, arms smuggling or the American, Italian and Russian Mafia.

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