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Monday, October 29, 2012

When Crack was King

“The city ain’t been the same since then. Especially, with that bitchass Rayful telling. It almost seems as if he made it a fad. I definitely blame him for that.” The DC Hustler

“He’s the Babe Ruth of crack dealing,” US Attorney Eric Holder said at the time and when a detective tried to serve him with a grand jury subpoena in connection with a shooting Edmond arranged to meet the detective at a certain time on a street corner. “Exactly at that time, Rayful pulled up in a white stretch limo with a driver,” the detective reported. And city educators knew about Rayful too. “The youth of this city know more about Rayful Edmond than great civil rights leaders,” a District high school teacher complained and she was right. The man who was so fresh he got 3 haircuts a week and who 20/20 called the $300 million dollar man has gone down in infamy. His story, one of brutality, power, money, murder and betrayal deserves its place in the annals of black American gangsters. And here it is, straight from the penitentiary, The Rayful Edmond story, uncut and uncensored.
They called Rayful Edmond the 300 million dollar man. He was the king of cocaine in our nation’s capital in the mid to late 80s and he ushered in the crack era in Washington DC, turning the streets of the Chocolate City into a much deadlier place. Instead of remaining a street star forever and elevating to a place in the pantheon of gangster legends Rayful tarnished his legacy by turning government informant after he was incarcerated at USP Lewisburg. By continuing to flood the capital’s streets with cocaine, even after he was put in prison, his epitaph was written and on the headstone it read Rat. Still in the chronicles of gangster lore he holds a place as one of the most notorious and infamous to ever do it in Washington DC. Read his story of extravagance, drug dealing escapades, unlimited cash flow and unbridled gangsterism. This is the Rayful Edmond story as told by members of his crew and others that were there in the era.

“I was real jazzy. I’m like let’s try to have a lot of class.” Rayful Edmond
“They said he had fags up in the limo.” Da Kid from SE
“I made between 35 to 40 million easy.” Rayful Edmond
“They said slim had some rather homosexual tendencies.” The DC Hustler
“Just having a lot of street knowledge and being honest and putting a lot of work into it.” Rayful Edmond on building his crack empire
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