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THIEF! character, Vince Eli

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Occasionally Mob Speak recommends a great read. If you've wondered what it's like to be a blackjack card counter this book is for you. Beyond the famous book Bringing Down the House and movie 21 that exposed blackjack card counting to the public, author Nathaniel Tilton shares secrets of that controversial world never before spelled out. The Blackjack Life is set for release August, 15, 2012.

Amazon has this to say:

The first blackjack book that Huntington Press has been excited by enough to publish in a half-decade, The Blackjack Life really does bring something new, and relevant, to the table.

Author Nathaniel Tilton was just a regular guy with a regular job when he read Bringing Down the House and decided he wanted to do what the players in that book did. A journey through the inner world of card counting, the lessons of teamwork, and the clandestine pursuit of beating the odds, in The Blackjack Life Tilton relates the story of his personal journey through the smoke-filled casinos in which he and his playing partner gambled, to the seedy backrooms that he hoped he would never see. More than just wins and losses, The Blackjack Life is about the growth of a man who discovered himself through the unlikeliest of places – the world of professional blackjack -- and who now shares his informed view of the opportunities that still exist for skilled players and what it’s really like to travel that road today.

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