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THIEF! character, Vince Eli

Saturday, October 8, 2011

"The Most Potent Voice of the Streets"

Seth Ferranti, author & Gorilla Convict creator

Gorilla Convict has been called "the most potent voice of the streets." This website, which features stories on prison life, street legends, street and prison gangs, the Mafia and street lit and true crime writers is a fusion of the ghetto, criminal and prison cultures that is vividly expressed in the lyrics of gangsta rap and hip-hop artists rhymes, in graffiti and tattooing, and in the worlds of drug dealers, gangbangers and organized crime. At Gorilla Convict we focus on the urban core and beyond.

There is something deep within the human psyche that intrigues and fascinates us with all thing dangerous, powerful, mysterious and extreme. Gorilla Convict is tailor-made for anyone who worships Brian De Palma's Scarface or any of the other litany of gangster movies like Goodfellas, New Jack City, Belly or the King of New York. Gorilla Convict juxtaposes the outlaw realness of Iceberg Slim with such critically acclaimed shows like Oz, The Wire and The Sopranos.

Gorilla Convict immortalizes the modern day urban outlaws such as those featured on BET'S American Gangster series, and in street magazines like Don Diva, F.E.D.S. and As Is. We tell the tales the mainstream media can't get because we are in prison with the people we interview. We talk to the giants among men that awe us with their immense self-certainty and utter ruthless- ness. They made their own law and are now paying the consequences. The blood they drew from each other reflects their great male courage and the intensity with which they lived their dangerous lives.

Check out the redesigned and tell your readers and friends about it. You can order Gorilla Convict's STREET LEGENDS series from the site.

The ebooks can be bought and downloaded right on the site. Read the stories and get the 411 on prison gangs, the mafia, life in the belly of the beast and the legends from hip-hop's lyrical lore. See the photos and ride shotgun with a hood icon.

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