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THIEF! character, Vince Eli

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Irish Traveler on Death Row

Photo at right: An Irish Traveler scam artist arrested in Georgia.

Sometimes a true crime project I'm working on just doesn't pan out. Such was the case a few years ago when I met a criminologist whose cousin, Marty, awaited his fate on Death Row. I felt particularly bad that this deal fell through. Not only did it hit all my "passion" buttons, but it had the markings of a sensational book and possible movie.

Marty's life reads like something straight out of a tabloid such as: "Man marries 2-headed Green Martian." But with Marty, there's no need to fabricate. Prior to being found guilty of murder, this guy scammed his way across the country for many years. Marty consorted with a notorious clan of Irish Travelers whose wild schemes continue to bilk their unsuspecting victims to this day. Watch out for a guy knocking on your door wanting to seal your driveway or put a new roof on cheap for "cash up front."

Below is the title page of my book proposal which I never sent...a kind of lengthy pitch letter to hook a publisher:

True crime book proposal:

Why I Took the Murder Rap

for my Brother

Letters from DEATH ROW

“The dynamite in the cess pool went off and blowed me under the truck, split the house in two...shit and toilet paper everywhere. Farmer’s wife stumbled out, her apron turned around on her. Her hair looked like a nest of rats had been fucking in it.”

Marty Johnson, Death Row inmate, scamming the public as an Irish Traveler

“A lot of white religious nuts here. They convince themselves they’re going to heaven. They get mad if you won’t talk to them. I just tell them they should write Dear Abby because I don’t get paid for giving advice...just another day in paradise.”

Marty Johnson re life on Death Row


If that wets your appetite, an upcoming post goes into more details on Marty Johnson, a guy who took the murder rap for his brother.

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Anonymous said...

his not a travler his playn games he might irish not a travler i now even by his langwich and he wouldnt be in prison if he behaved himself.