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THIEF! character, Vince Eli

Monday, September 20, 2010

What's in a name?

Enter the key words "the mob" on the following Las Vegas TV Website,, and you come up with some interesting stories and blogs about "the good ole days" in Sin City. The following blog entry refers to a series of interviews by respected TV reporter George Knapp about the Chicago Mob. The series featured Slick and other mob associates.

KLAS-TV Las Vegas

BY CBLEAKLEY • MAY 15TH, 2007 • 7:29 PM

Former Wiseguys Talk Turkey

It ain’t The Sopranos but with names like William ‘Slick’ Hanner, Joey ‘The Clown’ Lombardo and Tony ‘The Ant’ Spilotro, it’s pretty darn close. And let’s face it — anything that gets a quote like "He’s a liar, he’s a pimp, he’s a thief," out of Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman has got to be good.

You can find the entire Knapp interview here:

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