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THIEF! character, Vince Eli

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

MORE of Slick's Q & A: The Answers

I'm a day late (if anyone's noticed.)

Here are the answers to Slick's Q & A:

Q: What separates a professional gambler from an amateur? A: When you can quit your day job and gamble full time with always something to fall back on.

Q: Is there a dealer's union in Las Vegas? A: A few casinos weak unions exist, but the casinos are trying vigorously to keep unions from forming. Check out this link for more complete information:

Q: Where did the saying "Bet your bottom dollar" come from? A: In the 18th Century, poker players stacked silver dollars instead of chips. When a guy wanted to bet everything, he "bet his bottom dollar," meaning the whole stack down to the last dollar.

Q: Who made "The buck stops here" a household phrase? A: Harry Trueman, an avid poker player, kept the saying on his desk.

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