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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Who Really Killed MARILYN MONROE?

The story below was posted on the Website: a few days ago. (The bold is mine.) In the post, the author states that mob hit men Frank Schweihs and Tony Spilotro are reported to have killed Marilyn Monroe. However, in our book THIEF!, my co-author Slick Hanner states on pages 244-245 that Mugsy Tortorella really killed Marilyn.

At the time of publication, Slick's close friend Leroy Smolen, who was on Mugsy's crew, was still alive. So Slick didn't want to mention his name in the book. Years before the Giancanas book, Double Cross, came out, Smolen told Slick the details of that famous hit. Slick just reminded me that Leroy Smolen met Mugsy when they were both doing time in Stateville Prison.

Slick also says, "If you lived at Chicago Outfit headquarters (Berkshire & Devonshire hotels) like I did, you really knew what happened. Those who weren't there just guess."

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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Was Marilyn Monroe Whacked by the Chicago Mob?
The I-Team looked into one of Chicago's most feared mob hit men, Frank "The German" Schweihs and whether he was behind the mysterious death of Hollywood legend, Marilyn Monroe in 1962. Frank Schweihs' cancer kept him from being tried with the rest of the family secrets clan last summer. But on Thursday morning in federal court, prosecutors will proceed with their plans to try Schweihs this fall on charges of mob crimes and murder. There won't be paparazzi nor any mention of Marilyn Monroe, even though her death and the death of a Chicago manicurist have been pinned on Schweihs.

In Chicago in 1962, the Dan Ryan Expressway opened. Mayor Richard J. Daley was in his second term. Integration started in the Chicago schools. The Cubs lost 101 games. And Frank Schweihs was a rising star in the Outfit, living in the west suburban home of his Outfit boss. By '62, Schweihs had been arrested as often as his age - he was 32 years old - for crimes from burglary to homicide. But he seemed to carry a get-out-of-jail-free card.

Even though he was German, Schweihs hung out in Greektown and it may have been during a night out there that he met a tall, slender 18-year-old manicurist, Eugenia Pappas. They called her Becca. They began to date to the dismay of her family." My sister came to see me eight days before she was murdered and I said, 'Please don't be involved with anyone like that because when you die, they just step over your body,'" said sister Diane Pappas.

It was advice not taken. Becca's body was found floating in the Chicago River. She had been shot through the heart, according to police, while sitting in the passenger seat of a car. Chicago detective Richard Cain, who led that investigation, was himself secretly on the mob's payroll. Schweihs was questioned but never charged.

Diane Pappas said she doesn't know what Schweihs' motive would've been."I wouldn't know. She was a naive 18-year old girl and that's all I know. She was smitten with him," Diane Pappas said.The Pappas family cringed at reporting that Outfit bosses had ordered Schweihs to silence Becca because he had told her about his role in another murder.

A 1993 book about Marilyn Monroe, written by an L.A. private eye, concludes that "Eugenia Pappas found out about Marilyn Monroe," from Schweihs, who was then ordered to kill her. Whether that is true, Monroe's death was never officially ruled a suicide due to lack of evidence. Many investigators believe Monroe was *murdered* by the Chicago Outfit because of her connections to the Kennedy family and Chicago mob boss Sam "Momo" Giancana.

A police informant reportedly stated that Giancana deployed Schweihs and Anthony "Ant" Spilotro to kill Marilyn Monroe and make it look like a drug overdose. John Flood spent 41 years in metro-Chicago law enforcement, most with the Cook County sheriff's police. He is now retired in Las Vegas and is considered an Outfit expert. Flood says there's a possibility they were involved because of the close relationship of Giancana, the Chicago boss, and Frank Sinatra. They would meet in Reno.

Flood says Schweihs, or Schways as he knew him, was the prime suspect in dozens of gangland hits."A cold-blooded, tough killer who would murder anyone if ordered to," Flood said of Schweihs.

In 1989, Schweihs was convicted of shaking down porno store owners and was recorded on an FBI tape boasting that he was the boss and no one else. When the Family Secrets indictments were handed up in 2005, Schweihs went into hiding and was finally arrested in a Kentucky apartment house at age 76, living with a girlfriend, while his long-ago girlfriend can never rest in peace.

"How is that justice? Walking around for 45 years doing horrible deeds like he's always done? That's very unfortunate," said Diane Pappas. "I hope he goes to jail for the rest of his life and suffers pain with the cancer."

And after 45 years, Diane Pappas heeded the suggestion of her late husband, a career Chicago cop, not to be too public in accusing Frank Schweihs. A crotchety, bad tempered hoodlum, Schweihs has never buckled under the weight of authority and will likely take to his grave, whatever he may know about a Hollywood death that stunned the world and a Chicago murder that has divested a family.

Thanks to Chuck Goudie
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Posted by Joe Batterz on

Tomorrow I'll publish the relevant excerpt from THIEF!

Until then,



Anonymous said...

Could it also be possible that she just o.d. too?
I would assume her place would have been bugged both by the mob as well as the Kennedys.So if anything out of the usual came about, both parties would be in the know.

mobwriter said...

A few crime experts are still holding out that Marilyn committed suicide. They can present all the theories they want. But it won't change the fact that Slick knew one of the guys who killed her. And that guy (now deceased) described in complete detail the method used before anyone came out in print calling her death other than suicide. Slick's view is substantiated in the book Double Cross written by the son and nephew of Sam Giancana, head of the Chicago Outfit.

Mob Writer

Anonymous said...

Marilyn was murdered by mob on behalf of fascist forces which subsequently killed jfk, rfk, john k, dorothy kilgallen and dozens of witnesses of jfk murder.Refer wikipadia for the circumstances and methods of murder of both Marilyn and Dorothy and get a clue

Anonymous said...

All mob syndicates are criminals so there is no honest argument. Just saying..