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THIEF! character, Vince Eli

Monday, March 12, 2007

WOW! Slick does it again!

Exact sales figures aren't available yet from Slick's McCarran Airport signing at Borders yesterday, but they're over the 40 mark once again! An important celebrity dropped by, one of the most famous card cheating authorities, George Joseph. You can almost make out Slick and George holding up each other's books. (Tony we love you but HELP! We need a new event photographer. E-mail us here on the site if you're interested in the job.)

Anyway, the two main guys had a lot to the KC card company, makers of marked decks and loaded dice. Plus Slick told George about meeting Billy Morgan, one of the biggest crossroader's in the business who Slick talks about in THIEF! George is the genuine article. The two authors exchanged books. You need to check out his Website at You can even order George's hot book titled, Why Shouldn't a Woman Wear Red in a Casino? on his site. You'll never guess the answer.

Also, a couple of gondoliers lost their way. They were looking for the Grand Canal. Slick steered them in the right direction. They were so thrilled, they bought a book.

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