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Friday, December 29, 2006

Tommy G Show Report

Talking on New Jersey 101.5 FM last night for nearly an hour was great fun! The switchboard lit up like a Christmas tree, Tommy G said. Maybe it was the sensational topic...namely, a certain part of Marilyn Monroe's anatomy and how Slick says she died. New Jersey listeners are NOT afraid to speak their mind.

For the record, Slick's boyhood chum, Leroy, was part of Mugsy Tortorella's crew. Mugsy was under Sam Giancana, Chicago's crime boss. Leroy told Slick about 40 years ago that Mugsy was one of two guys who killed Marilyn by putting Nebutal-laced suppositories up Marilyn's rear end after she was already unconscious, seriously drugged. Nembutal, a powerful poison that enters the bloodstream quickly, leaves nary a trace.

It was mobster Giancana's hope that RFK would be implicated in Marilyn's death. Attorney General, RFK, had been turning the screws on organized crime, threatening to wipe it out. Several of Marilyn's neighbors attested they saw RFK enter the star's residence the night she was killed. So implicating RFK with Marilyn's murder was doable.

The CIA wanted her out of the way because she was threatening to tell about her affairs with JFK and RFK. Marilyn's housekeeper had called the police when she discovered Marilyn's body. The CIA came in to clean up the "mess" after the LAPD called them, rearranging Marilyn's body to make it look like suicide. RFK and his brother came out smelling like a rose.

In fact, the above story, which Leroy told Slick sometime in the late 1960s, was repeated almost word for word in the book Double Cross by Sam and Chick Giancana, the mob kingpin's godson and brother, in 1992. The book confirms Leroy's earlier statements.

Anyone out there care to comment?

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